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Rocko Minerals, Inc.

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Rob Rosenblatt, Founder/President

love what you do.

Our Story

In a nutshell, our family started this business over 20 years ago, by taking a combining our enthusiastic interest in "rocks" with a dedicated passion to work for ourselves...and we continue to do what we love today. Retail and wholesale, searching the world for the finest mineral treasures! We buy, sell and showcase a variety of minerals for anyone interested; from amateur to the most seasoned collectors. 


We sell most of our crystals online via "LIVE" sales on Rocko's Facebook & Instagram pages, as well as some items for sale on ETSY.


We exhibit for the public via trade shows & private appointment, and, of course, display & sell annually at the mecca of rock shows, in Tucson AZ.


We also offer mineral collection appraisals and purchase collections.


Our Mission

 To operate with integrity and continue to promote our commitment to the passion of mineral collecting.

To educate ourselves, as well as others, in this ever-changing

& fascinating industry.

To provide quality minerals to those who seek them.

Thank you for visiting our site!

Rocko (Rob) President

Melli Rose, Mineralogist

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